Esports betting – A new form of entertainment for the future

Esports betting is currently a popular new form of entertainment at online bookmakers. So this subject creates attraction from the beginning, why is it so attractive? The content right below of Trang chủ New88 will help you decode your questions about Esports.

What is Esports betting?

Esports betting is a form of entertainment where you place bets on video games. Those games are often antagonistic to each other. The ultimate goal will be to win or top position in the game.

A few years ago, Esports was still an unwelcome and unsympathetic entertainment genre for many people. Currently, it has been recognized worldwide as a professional sport. From there, Esports betting was also born.

Currently, Esports betting has many top games for you to choose from. Some of them are certainly extremely familiar to bettors such as: DOTA 2, CSGO, League of Legends or PUBG,…

Esports betting can be simply understood as you will predict the team that will win a round of the game or the entire tournament. Every game New88 sports betting comes with separate betting rules.

What Esports betting providers does  New88 have?

In today’s market,  New88 is the leading bookmaker, a pioneer in the development of Esports betting. The products that the system provides are copyrighted from the world’s leading suppliers such as:

TF Gaming 

TF Gaming is currently the official Esports supplier for  New88. This brand is known for its role in producing online electronic betting games. The most prominent among them are Esports products.

This supplier first appeared on the market in 2010. Soon after, the company grew rapidly, affirming its brand name throughout Asia. Currently, TF Gaming’s operational headquarters is located in Makati city, Philippines.

In Vietnam, it was not until 2016 that gamers heard much about the TF Gaming brand. That is also considered a major development milestone for this supplier. Until now, the attraction of TF Gaming is increasing because of the different quality of Esports betting games.

IM Esports 

IM Esports is the second name to act as an Esports betting game provider for  New88. This brand’s full name is Inplay Matrix, which has appeared in the online betting entertainment industry for many years.

In early 2017, Inplay Matrix officially established its electronic betting game brand. They combine simple football and e-sports to create a new exploitation market. Up to now, Inplay Matrix is ​​still praised by countless experienced bettors.

IM Sports can be considered as representative of the entire e-sports industry today. They also own their own team to compete in fighting games and compete in many tournaments around the world.

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Top esports betting games at bookmaker New88

Thanks to the cooperation of two major supply partners such as IM Sports and TF Gaming,  New88 currently owns many quality products. Typical of them are the article names listed below.

Betting LOL

LOL or League of Legends for the past decade has always been the leading electronic game. Its appeal spreads worldwide, so every year there are countless tournaments held. At  New88, you will be free to watch live and bet on your favorite LOL team.

In addition, the house only brings together attractive and famous League tournaments. This will help you easily collect information and evaluate bets most accurately instead of being confused.

CSGO betting

CSGO is also a prominent Esports betting game at bookmaker  New88. This game belongs to the first-person shooting genre with extremely attractive missions. The teams are divided into 2 factions, each faction has 5 people to capture and protect the base to win.

In CSGO betting, you will have many forms recharge  New88 different. The most typical are the team that wins first, the team that wins 1st, the championship team,…


FIFA Online is currently the game with the largest number of players globally. Its attraction comes from the traditional king sport itself. When experiencing, you can buy your favorite players, build your team, and interact with friends.


Valuing is a tactical shooting game series that is also being used as a form of betting. The way to participate is relatively similar to CSGO, the difference lies in the goals and tasks set out in the game.

And many other Esports betting games

In addition to the names mentioned above,  New88 also offers many other e-sports games such as: Call of Duty, Raid, Overwatch,… Each game will bring you a very interesting betting experience.

Esports betting has been and will grow even more strongly in the future. Especially when the demand for online betting entertainment is changing dramatically. Old forms of entertainment are gradually being replaced by new generation games like Esports.

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