Learn details about dragon tiger and how to play most effectively!

Dragon tiger is one of the “feverish” online entertainment games today, loved by many people because the game is both highly entertaining and has an extremely attractive winning rate. With a very simple form of play, you can unleash your talent and compete with your opponents. The following article Neu88 will share with players the knowledge about this online entertainment game.

What is Dragon Tiger?

Although it has been famous in the market for a long time, many people still do not know what this entertainment subject is? And where does it originate from? Dragon tiger Originating from Cambodian casinos, after a period of development it has become a famous online betting game.

After that, many bookmakers bought the copyright and released this game. Currently, this type of online game has three main betting portals: Dragon, Tiger and Tie. However, to always win, you need to have your own experience and strategies.

Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger for beginners

For new players, if you only play by luck, the winning rate will be very low and it will be difficult to win prizes. Therefore, before participating in this game, you need to carefully learn about the rules and how to play to stay undefeated.

Game terms that you should know

  • Tie: Tie bet, green symbol.
  • Tiger: Tiger, blue symbol.
  • Dealer: The person who deals the cards.
  • Dragon: Dragon, red symbol.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

The rules of the game are extremely simple: players choose one of three bets and will receive a win if their prediction has the highest rank on the card. If you bet on dragons or tigers and win, you will receive all your winnings.

However, if you bet on a draw and win, you will only win 2:1. And each time you play, you can only draw two cards in a game, so if you draw the highest card and bet, you will win.

Or if you bet on a draw and have two cards of the same rank, you will definitely win. Therefore, this game requires agility and flexibility, and sometimes calculation and risk, to be sure of victory.

How to play a game of Dragon Tiger

  • Step 1: Dealer will start dealing cards and divide them into two hands: dragon and tiger.
  • Step 2: After the cards have been dealt, the player will place a bet on one of three options: Dragon, Draw, Tiger.
  • Step 3: Next, the dealer will begin flipping the cards to check the betting results.
  • Step 4: Finally, consider the score to see which side has the highest ranking. If the score is equal, the result will be a tie, and the player with the highest bet will receive the highest payout.

Experiences when playing Dragon Tiger

Down here New88 will share some unbeatable experiences when playing this online game that you should definitely know.
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Choose a bet window

You should not bet too many times on a draw, because the odds of a draw in a game are very low and rarely happen. The reward rate is also very low and you will lose half of the bet amount.

Therefore, you should observe the rules of card dealing to be able to predict games with high draw rates, then place small bets. And bet big on the games that you think will give you a high ranking into the dragon or tiger gate.

Bet by swap method

It is one of the methods with a fairly high and simple winning rate that many people apply. If you bet on the dragon in the first game and win, then bet on the tiger in the next game, or if the tiger wins, bet on the dragon in the next game.

If you lose when betting on the dragon, then the next game you still bet on the dragon until you win and then switch. This is also considered a fairly fast and simple way to play, without needing to calculate, so it is often used by new players.

Manage betting capital appropriately

One of the experiences when playing dragon tiger is to know how to manage your betting capital in the most effective way. No matter what strategy or playing style you have, you should learn how to manage your capital so you don’t lose.

  • Limit your bets to 50 – 70% of the betting capital you have and only bet that amount during the day.
  • For each bet, if you feel unsure, you should only bet 2 – 5%, do not place indiscriminately.
  • For the winning reward, you should put half into capital and the remaining half to continue betting. This not only helps save money but also helps you avoid waste.


Above is some information about dragon tiger but New88 I want to share with you, hope this knowledge will help answer your questions about this online entertainment!

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