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A person who loves soccer has certainly heard the phrase poker shotTo be What. Please see the following content of Nhà Cái Hi88 to know the meaning of this term What is it like in football competition?

CWhat is Poker? in football

The concept is similar to the poker and hattrick techniques used to indicate the number of goals in soccer. In a match, a player can score three goals against the opponent which is called a hat trick. Therefore,owl. Owl poker To beWhatbased on the concept that players can only score four goals against their opponents in a match. In football, poker is usually not as popular as a double or a hat trick.

Poker has become an indispensable part of football, especially in big tournaments like the World Cup or Champions League. In football, a poker shot is understood as when a player scores 4 goals in a match. This means that the player has scored all the goals for his team in a single match.

How to play poker successfully?

To make a successful poker shot, the skill of reading opponents, managing psychology, and deciding on correct tactics is key, be confident and sharp to build the optimal strategy for each situation.

Techniques for making Poker shotsTo beWhat

To make a successful poker shot, players need to have good ball control skills, flexibility and confidence. The process of performing a poker shot involves lifting the ball above the opponent’s head, then using the other foot to kick the ball into the net. This requires concentration and excellent ball control skills.

Physical and mental preparation

In addition to technique, physical and mental preparation also play an important role in making poker shots. Players need to have high confidence and practice hard to maintain the flexibility and strength necessary for this phase.

Creativity and confidence

Creativity and confidence are indispensable factors when making poker shots. Players need to have imagination and creativity to create unique and unexpected plays, and also need to believe in their abilities to make successful plays.

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Remarkable poker shot of the Vietnamese team in the match against Brunei

In the opening match of the SEA Games 30 group stage, U22 Vietnam easily defeated the weakest opponent in Group B, Brunei, with a very strong score of 6-0 in a brilliant day with many successes. Ha Duc Chinh scored 4 goals into the net for the Brunei team through beautiful ball situations, setting up an official poker shot for the U22 Vietnam team in the 30th SEA Games men’s soccer match.

Famous poker shots around the world

Globally famous poker shots such as “Moneymaker’s Bluff” or “Hellmuth’s Ultimate Bracelet Win” are not only historical goals but also symbols of the pinnacle of talent and strategy in the poker world.

Lionel Messi in the match between Barcelona and Arsenal in 2010.

In the second leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League between Barcelona and Arsenal in 2010, Lionel Messi had an impressive poker shot. He scored 4 goals in Barcelona’s 4-1 victory over Arsenal. Messi’s goals are all very beautiful and demonstrate his excellence in leading Barcelona’s attack.

Lionel Messi’s poker shot details:

Time Goal
Minute 21 1st goal
Minute 37 Second goal
Minute 42 Third goal
Minute 88 Fourth goal

Cristiano Ronaldo in the match between Real Madrid and Malmo (2015).

In the Group A Champions League match between Real Madrid and Malmo in 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo made an unbelievable poker shot. He scored all 4 goals in Real Madrid’s 8-0 victory over Malmo. The special thing is that Ronaldo only took 20 minutes to complete his poker shot, from minute 47 to minute 67.

Details of Cristiano Ronaldo’s poker shot:

Time Goal
Minute 47 1st goal
Minute 50 Second goal
Minute 59 Third goal
Minute 67 Fourth goal

Robert Lewandowski in the Bayern Munich match against Red Star Belgrade in 2019.

In the Group B Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Red Star Belgrade in 2019, Robert Lewandowski made an unbelievable poker shot. He scored all four goals in Bayern Munich’s 6-0 win over Red Star Belgrade. The special thing is that Lewandowski only took 14 minutes to complete his poker shot, from minute 53 to minute 67.

Details of Robert Lewandowski’s poker shot:

Time Goal
Minute 53 1st goal
Minute 60 Second goal
Minute 64 Third goal
Minute 67 Fourth goal


What is a poker shot? Hopefully this article has helped you understand more about the definition of Poker in football and famous poker shots in the world. Wishing you luck and success in playing Poker and watching exciting football matches!

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