Tips for betting 1 1/2 – Handicap 1.5 is extremely simple and effective

These types of bets in the king sport always have great appeal. In addition to the attraction of the game rules, sports betting also offers extremely attractive payout rates, thereby bringing everyone satisfying entertainment, complete sublimation with top matches. Today’s house Nhà cái New886 will introduce to you an extremely attractive type of soccer betting odds, that is Handicap 1.5. If you are interested in this bet, join us to explore the content of the article right now!

Handicap 1.5 (Handicap 1 1/2)

At some other online bookies,Handicap 1.5 Also known as one and a half bets. This type of bet always attracts a large number of players to participate and always occupies a high position in the house’s odds table.

In a half handicap handicap, the upper team can handicap the lower team by up to 1 ¼ balls. Compared to other Asian bets, this is a quite high rate, reflecting the large difference between the two teams.

And usually Handicap 1.5 The left will be opened by the house mainly when a team with superior class encounters a lower team that is weaker in all aspects. When you win a handicap, the amount of money you gain is relatively large. However, in the remaining cases, if you accidentally lose, you also have to accept losing a significant amount of capital.

How to read the 1.5 handicap correctly?

For beginners, learning and knowing how to read odds correctly is very important. Basically, handicap pull 1.5 There are rules of the game, the way to read the odds is also relatively simple, most people just need to pay a little attention, try 1-2 games and everyone can read the odds correctly right away. Below is how to read this type of bet that you can refer to:

Case 1: You bet money on the favorite team, the favorite team wins by a score of 2 goals or more, then you are the winner. Those who bet on the underdog team will lose all their money.

Case 2: You still bet on the favorite team, but the favorite team only wins by 1 goal (eg ends with a score of 1-0, 2-1, 3-2…), then you have to accept half the loss. your bet amount. The person at the bottom in this case does not lose any money.

Case 3: You bet on the upper team but the match ends with a draw of 0-0 or 1-1, 2-2 or the win goes to the lower team. At this point, contrary to case 1, you will lose all your bet amount. The person who wins is the person who takes the underdog bet and the amount of money they receive is many times more than the amount they initially spent.

Experience playing 1.5 handicap that newbies should not miss

In general, if you are passionate about the king sport and want to try your luck in classic matches with your favorite team, then Handicap 1.5 Still very worthy for you to choose. And you will feel even more confident about your choice if you accumulate a lot of great, extremely effective “playing odds” experience shared by the experts themselves. What those experiences are, the following content will reveal to you:

Choose your team smartly and wisely

To know which team you should follow, before each match, you need to update the odds on the bookmaker’s odds board 24/7. If you see that the house handicap is greater than 1.25 for the home team, you should prioritize choosing the home team. In addition, you can also base on the nature of the match and tournament size to decide which team to choose. In continental and world-class tournaments such as the World Cup or Champions League, if you see that both teams attack strongly and the away team has a handicap of 1 1/4, you should still prioritize choosing the home team.
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Summary of information about the match

In order to minimize all risks, before each match you should learn thoroughly about both teams. Track and update related news including: expected starting lineup, recent performance, confrontation history and a few other secondary factors such as weather, home and away field. Most of this information will be available on reputable sports websites and forums for your reference.

Don’t spend too much money on one door

Whether you follow the upper team or the lower team, you should not bet too much money. Because the larger your capital, the more you lose when you lose. And in case of a lot of losses, our psychology is more or less confused, greatly affecting the initial calculation and losing confidence for future bets.

So, spread your money wisely at every door. Especially if you see that the handicap on the upper side is dropping from 1.5 to 1 or lower in the first 10 – 15 minutes of each half, you can consider withdrawing your money and placing it on the lower side.


Hopefully after the article, people will understand more Handicap 1.5, know how to read the odds correctly, as well as gain experience to improve your chances of winning. Wishing you success in placing bets and having many more memorable experiences at the house’s website New88 – the leading online bookmaker in the Vietnamese market today.

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