3-way handicap betting is a special type of betting that many people are interested in. However, to be able to play 3-way handicap, players must understand how to play this type of handicap. So how to play 3-way handicap betting? Let’s find out!
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What is a 3-way handicap bet?

The 3-way handicap bet is 3w handicap. This type of bet was developed on the foundation of Asian handicap betting and is loved by many people. In general, this type of bet has many similarities with Asian handicap betting.

But these house odds will usually be rounded to draw 1, draw 2, draw 3. Furthermore, the odds of 0.5, 0.25 and 0.75 will not be divided in 3-way handicap bets. This is a completely different point from Asian betting.

Not only that, there are many types of over/under bets that are also combined with the 3-way handicap betting package to help players have more options during the betting process.

Instructions for playing 3-way handicap betting for new players

3-way handicap betting has a much simpler playing method and is not as complicated as handicap betting. Next, we will show you how to play the most basic 3-way handicap bet.

For example, you want to make a 3-way handicap bet on the Euro 2020 match, round of 1/8 between Italy and Austria taking place on June 27, 2021.

In this match, the house will evaluate Italy as the home team (handicap), and Austria as the away team (handicap).

Home team (-1): means the Italian team will handicap the shirt team by 1 goal. If you bet on the home team -1 (Italy), then when the match ends, the following cases will occur:

  • Italy wins the shirt with a difference of 2 goals or more => you win the bet.
  • Italy wins by 1 goal => draw, get your bet back.
  • Italy loses the shirt => you lose the bet.What is a 3-way handicap bet? Experience in 3-way handicap betting from experts (Illustration)

Away team (+1): means that the home team will receive an additional 1 goal handicap from Italy. When catching the away team, there will be the following cases:

  • The shirt wins => you win the bet.
  • Austria lost to Italy by 1 goal => draw, get your bet back.
  • Austria loses by 2 goals or more => you lose the bet.

Draw (away +1): means you bet these two teams will draw, but still keep the 1-goal handicap on the shirt team.

  • Austria loses by 1 goal => you win the bet.
  • Shirt draws, shirt wins, shirt loses, score difference is 2 goals or more => you lose the bet.

Experience in playing 3-way handicap betting from experts

After understanding the definition of 3-way handicap betting, you need to pocket some of these soccer betting experiences from experts to learn lessons during the betting process. From there, you can play effectively and win huge bonuses.

Looking for quality bookies

Before participating in betting, players need to research and choose trustworthy bookmakers to participate. This helps limit the case of being scammed or some situations where the bonus bursts.

Then, the player will compare the odds with the bookies in the match. Thereby, you can choose the bookmaker that offers the best odds to be able to evaluate 3-way handicap bets most effectively.

Choose the right match

Each football match has different possibilities and chances of winning bets. Therefore, you should choose football matches with a high probability of winning bets to participate in betting and commenting. Experience from those experts is that you should choose strong teams with effective defense and attack. Priority should be given to teams playing at home because they will gain more strong points.

Good control of capital resources

Betting is not simply placing a bet on a match with a random amount of money. Instead, you need to calculate the appropriate bet amount with the investment capital to bring the highest efficiency.

If the player is unlucky enough to bet and lose in this match, they can use bonuses from other matches to make up for it. Therefore, players must manage their betting capital before a match. The criteria needed when making a financial plan for betting are:

  • Plan to spend the total amount allowed to bet in a day.
  • The maximum amount of money allowed to lose when betting.
  • Plan the highest amount for each bet.


Above is all the information about 3-way handicap betting. Hopefully the above information will help you a lot during the game. Just flexibly apply the above experiences and you will definitely win. Good luck!

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