Top Business Schools in China: Antai Interview with Shanghai Jiaotong University

Every country has an education system that it prides itself on. In China, there are very few top business schools in Asia. But despite the few options, one school stands out: SJTU ACEM. Give us a sneak peek at this award-winning school in China.

Who is ACEM?

ACEM, namely Antai College of Economics and Management, is one of the departments located in SJTU, a double first-class university in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1918, it offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering and management, among others.

The school has a strong focus on internationalization, enrolling students from more than 50 countries each year. ACEM has a highly collaborative environment with an emphasis on hands-on learning. It also places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, making it an ideal school for students interested in starting their businesses.

Why choose Shanghai Jiaotong University?

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in China. The school offers a variety of degree programs including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business, accounting, finance, marketing, and jurisprudence.

For ACEM, learn about our programs and what makes our school special.

ACEM’s goal is to provide excellence in business administration education, enabling our graduates to become leaders in their fields. We also offer international partnerships and projects, enabling our graduates to gain valuable experience in different industries around the world.

Compared with other top business schools in China, ACEM offers more specialized courses, such as marketing and law, which may attract students with special interests in these fields. In addition, our graduates are generally equipped to work in China or overseas due to our strong emphasis on international education and internship opportunities.

So, what makes a school stand out? For ACEM at SJTU, it boils down to three things: faculty quality, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. At SJTU, we place great emphasis on creativity and entrepreneurship, and our faculty are experienced in these fields, which helps us provide the most comprehensive curriculum for our students.

In conclusion

China’s economy is booming, and business opportunities are coming along with it. With this in mind, many schools across China are expanding their programs to meet the growing demand for business education. ACEM is one such department that has responded to these changes by increasing its focus on business education.

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