The Rules of Chess – Full Understanding From a Master’s Perspective

Many people need to learnChess rules to firmly grasp the rules, how to play, and how to determine victory or defeat in a game. This game is very interesting and highly flexible, it is possible to apply many different strategies to come first. In the article below, New 88 will update detailed information.

Learn the basics of Chess rules

The game uses a square board with 8 rows numbered 1-8, columns will be labeled a-h. A total of 64 small boxes next to each other with white and black colors interwoven to distinguish whether positions are moved or not.

Each game includes 2 participants with 16 black and white tiles facing each other on the table. The forces in each team include 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 8 pawns. Each animal will have a specific way of moving and kicking the opponent’s pieces.

Rules for the moves of each piece on the chessboard

According to the rules of chess, each piece must follow the correct path set on the table, no mistakes are allowed. This characteristic creates the regularity of a chess game:

Learn about pawn moves

The smallest pawn in the chess set can advance 2 spaces in the first turn. Then according to the correct rule, move 1 cell forward. Initially when setting up, 8 pieces will be placed in the front row and then depending on the strategy, participants will go in different positions.

Good at going straight but can cross opponents right in front of him. How to move sequentially step by step upward. Until it reaches the last horizontal row on the other side, it will be used to exchange for a more valuable piece such as a queen, rook, bishop or knight. A good note can absolutely capture the king and help the player win the game.

The way the king moves according to the rules of Chess

The king has the highest value in the game but cannot move as flexibly as generals, but can only advance 1 square, including front, back, left, and right. The task when participating is to protect the king from being destroyed first, otherwise you will have to accept defeat.

How the queen moves

The queen is extremely strong on the move and can take any form from diagonal, vertical, horizontal, forward or backward, and can flexibly change position. In chess, the queen is the most powerful and if she knows how to use it, she can completely destroy many key players in the opponent’s force.

The way of walking of statues, chariots, and horses

The rook advances horizontally or vertically, capturing pieces in its path. The bishop will move diagonally from where it is standing, kicking any monster within range. The knight will follow an L-shaped pattern to the square of the same color and is allowed to jump over the top regardless of whether it is his opponent or his side.

How to conduct a game according to Chess rules

Once the positions are arranged on the chessboard, the two sides will decide who goes first. In turn, each side will deploy each move and according to chess rules, the calculation will be on how to capture the most of the opponent’s champions.

The pawn stands in the front row, so he needs to open up so that the children below have a way to rush up to fight. Follow the path outlined above to reach positions to capture key pieces, making the opponent’s defense looser. The player’s task is to move closer to the top to defeat the king.

Count as winning when

When the king is taken by the opponent, the game is immediately considered over. Victory is awarded to the team that successfully captures the citadel and defeats the highest ranked troops. Note that in this game, all moves are considered valid, without any mistakes.
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In case of draw

  • When one side has no more valid moves, for example, the pieces are gone and only the king remains. Although the king is not in check, there are no moves left.
  • Both sides can no longer check each other.
  • By agreement, both sides agree to a draw or a chess position is repeated more than 3 times.
  • The last 50 moves don’t move well or don’t take out any more fish.

Chess requires participants to constantly apply intelligence and calculate carefully in each move to lock the opponent to victory. Playing this sport every day helps train thinking and acumen very well.

The rules need to be firmly understood to play Chess effectively

In the rules of Chess, there are a number of regulations that participants need to understand to follow correctly. The terms that appear will have separate meanings in the game:

Law on castle entry

Castling is very important, so you need to be careful with each move. What is needed is to bring the king to a safe position, push the cart out of the position to enter the hunting journey.

Normally, masters often keep their rooks next to them to protect and watch over the king to capture any pieces that intend to destroy him.

Chess rules regarding rank promotion

The pawn can go to the last row on the other side and be replaced by another more valuable piece, which is a promotion. So don’t let all your pawns be destroyed, but guard and move quickly to the horizontal line in the opponent’s citadel. Your valuable pieces that are eliminated such as knights, generals, queens, and rooks can recover and continue fighting.

Laws about catching pawns on the road

Another rule in Chess is that in the first turn, the pawn moves forward 2 squares and touches the opponent’s turn. At this time, the two sides capturing each other will significantly reduce the number of these troops. But be careful not to be too eager to exchange pieces because you need to keep them until the end to level them up.

Article byNew88 Share detailed Chess rules for everyone to refer to. When starting to play this sport, you must take the time to carefully read the rules and regulations to do it correctly. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that the battle of wits in each game is really interesting and engaging.

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