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Those who love lottery casinos know that playing lottery can bring big profits. But to be truly successful, you need top tips and strategies. Let’sWhat is New88011 ?Discover the secrets behind this game and learn from successful players.

The exact concept of playing lottery

Accordingly, touch lottery, also known as ‘Stick’, is a popular term in the lottery field. This is one of four basic sets of numbers that anyone who wants to participate in betting in an in-depth and effective way needs to master. The term ‘ticket’ is used to refer to special numbers (the last two numbers of the special prize) with at least one identical number. Sequences with overlapping tens are called leading-touching sequences, while numbers with overlapping ones are called tail-touching sequences.

Types of touch lottery that you should know

In Vietnam and many places around the world, predicting lottery results is a popular entertainment activity with a long history. There are many popular types of lottery numbers used to predict lottery results or try to increase your chances of winning. Below are some details about the popular types of carvings today:

  • Prediction by number: this is an analysis method based on the first digits of numbers in lottery results or a series of numbers. For example, the threads are 0, 1, and so on. Players will bet on numbers they think are likely to appear in the results.
  • Number tapping: similar to number tapping, but based on the last digits of the numbers. For example, touch points for ending number 0, ending number 1, and so on. Players try to predict the numbers that are likely to appear.
  • Test based on total: analysis based on the sum of the numbers in the result. For example, touch numbers give total numbers from 1 to 27. Players will bet on totals that they think have a high chance of appearing.
  • Lottery prediction: an analysis method based on numbers that have appeared many times in previous results. Players believe that these numbers may appear again in the near future.
  • Time cycle betting: some players track the time cycle of the numbers appearing, and place bets based on potential cyclic patterns. For example, if a number has not appeared for a while, they may bet on it in the hope that it will return.

Instructions on how to catch daily touch questions extremely accurately

For this type of number set, experienced players have learned how to bet on the special prize based on the touch lottery method to achieve maximum performance.

New New88.com players can learn how to bet on the two types of contact below to have appropriate strategies and place bets reasonably:

The bridge touches number 1

This way of playing the lottery requires players to take advantage of many different prediction methods to determine the final 1 or 2 numbers before placing a bet with the house. Win rates are stable and often yield positive results for weeks. Below are detailed instructions for catching number 1:

  • First, check the first prize results of XSMB on Sunday.
  • Then, take the middle number “A” of this First Prize as the touch and play the lottery according to touch A until Saturday of the next week.
  • White card players should combine more methods or settle on 4 to 5 most satisfactory numbers, playing 1 number per day.

For example:

The First Prize of the Northern Lottery on Sunday, December 15, 2019 is 49281, of which the two middle numbers are 92. In the next week, on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, lottery numbers 22, and on Sunday December 22, 2019, number 42 broke out.

The bridge touches problem number 2

To start touching problems according to this model, we will perform the following steps:
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  • Check the Northern lottery results on Sunday and review the numbers that were released on the previous Friday.
  • Take the total number of the Northern lottery on Sunday and combine it with the last number of the previous Friday to create a pair of numbers AB.
  • Play this pair of numbers within 1 week. If there is an explosion, continue applying this method for the next week.
  • If there is no starter, pause and wait about 2 – 3 weeks before trying again.

Example 1:

  • Northern lottery results on Sunday, November 24, 2019, are 31742, total number is 6.
  • The lottery number for Friday, November 22, 2019, is 78, ending in 8.
  • Northern lottery results on Monday, November 25, 2019, number 68 (GĐB 30468).

Example 2:

  • What is the result of the Northern Lottery today on Sunday, September 22, 2019, which is 03074, total number is 1.
  • The lottery number for Friday, September 20, 2019, is 76, ending in 6.
  • Northern lottery results on Saturday, September 28, 2019, number 16 (GĐB 59416).

With the knowledge and skills to play touch lottery, you can confidently seize opportunities and challenge the casino. Apply these tipsWhat is New88?and the strategies you learned for an ultimate casino experience.

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