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Get More Done in Less Time with the BN-LINK7-Day Programmable Wall Timer Switch

A completely new way to manage your home’s electrical appliances is with the BN-LINK 7-Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch. That timer switch is the epitome of efficiency and convenience because to its user-friendly design and energy-saving features. Here we’ll take a look at the BN-LINK on off timer switch and how its multi-mode functionality and illuminated display make it an indispensable appliance for any home.

Easy-to-Use Backlit Display for Enhanced Control

Effortless Control, Even in Low-Light Conditions

The BN-LINK on off timer switch features a blue backlight display that ensures easy control, even in the darkest locations. This innovative feature allows you to make adjustments and set up to 18 On/Off programs with utmost convenience. No more struggling to find the right buttons or squinting to read the display. With the BN-LINK timer switch, controlling your devices has never been easier.

Maximum Customization with 7-Day Programming Options

Customization is key when it comes to optimizing energy usage. The BN-LINK on off timer switch offers 7-day programming options, allowing you to set specific schedules for each day of the week. Whether it’s for lighting, heating, or any other electrical device, you have the flexibility to program the timer switch according to your unique needs. With up to 18 On/Off programs available, you can fine-tune your energy consumption and maximize efficiency.

Versatile Modes and Time-Saving Features

Timed On/Off Operations Made Easy with AUTO Mode

The BN-LINK on off timer switch offers an AUTO mode that enables timed on/off operations. This means you can set your devices to automatically turn on or off at specific times, providing convenience and energy savings. Whether it’s for lighting your home while you’re away or powering down devices during idle hours, the AUTO mode ensures efficient usage without any manual intervention.


The BN-LINK 7-Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch offers unmatched convenience and energy efficiency. With its easy-to-use backlit display, versatile modes, and time-saving features, controlling your electrical devices has never been simpler. Say goodbye to wasteful energy consumption and hello to a more convenient and efficient lifestyle with the BN-LINK timer switch.

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