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Battery Assembly Efficiency with SZJ Automation’s Battery Machines

By integrating SZJ Automation’s advanced equipment, businesses can achieve optimized operations and meet industry requirements.

Automatic Assembly and Pre-Welding with Inserting & Pre-welding Machines

SZJ Automation’s battery machines include Inserting & Pre-welding Machines, known for their automatic assembly capabilities. These machines are specifically designed for the assembly of cells and shells for square aluminum-cased batteries. With features such as post-assembly press-fitting, step gap detection, and laser pre-spot welding fixation, these machines are precise and efficient assembly processes. By integrating Inserting & Pre-welding Machines, businesses can optimize battery assembly and improve overall productivity.

Enhanced Quality Control and Efficiency

SZJ Automation’s battery machines prioritize quality control and efficiency. The step gap detection capabilities of the Inserting & Pre-welding Machines accurate alignment during the assembly process, reducing errors and improving product quality. The laser pre-spot welding fixation feature guarantees secure and reliable connections, enhancing overall efficiency. By automating these critical steps, businesses can streamline operations, reduce manual labor, and achieve cost savings.


SZJ Automation‘s battery machines empower businesses to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve efficient battery assembly operations. The automatic assembly and pre-welding capabilities of the Inserting & Pre-welding Machines streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance quality control. By integrating SZJ Automation’s equipment, businesses can achieve optimized efficiency, meet industry requirements, and deliver exceptional battery products.

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