Full-Chain Warehousing Automation Solutions Provider: ForwardX Robotics

With its broad high-tech AMR products and thoughtful customer service, ForwardX Robotics aids in increasing warehouse productivity and efficiency. They provided high-end, cutting-edge products and automated goods-picking solutions for warehousing and logistics industries. Please view some of the details of their offerings.

ForwardX’s Comprehensive Product Line

Since ForwardX was founded more than six years ago, they have developed a flexible and effective goods-picking warehouse automation solution that can meet the needs of medium-sized warehouses, small and medium-sized mixed warehouses, and small warehouses in all scenarios, realizing the quick application of various industries like e-commerce, logistics, and warehousing.

Foreseen in Automated Picking Solution

Early warehouse automation solutions mostly depended on AGVs, which needed to be adjusted to fit the warehouse and required pre-set amenities like magnetic strips or QR codes. Such a solution, which has little to do with flexibility, was different from what ForwardX had in mind.

ForwardX argues that only AMR with computer vision and AI cognitive ability can become the foundation of future automation in the warehouse business since it targets the AMR field with high technological content from the start and single-line LiDAR alone is not clever and flexible enough.

With a focus on the success of warehousing and logistics systems, ForwardX can also meet your needs for mobile and adaptable automation with a wide range of products.

Reliable Partner

Count on ForwardX as a partner. The high-tech solutions from ForwardX have a track record you can trust. To provide clients with a superior experience, ForwardX has a wealth of R&D expertise and broad industry knowledge. When developing solutions to help improve storage for ongoing and future business operations, ForwardX is eager to comprehend each customer’s unique requirements fully.

For more information about their ground-breaking products, visit ForwardX‘s official website.

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