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Enhancing Safety and Style: DAYA’s Slim Shower Tray Series I

In the realm of modern bathroom aesthetics and safety, the DAYA Series I Slim Shower Tray emerges as a standout choice. Designed for both practicality and elegance, this non-slip shower base is crafted from high-quality stone resin, boasting a textured surface that not only enhances traction but also elevates the overall look of your bathroom.

Safety First: The Slim Shower Tray Advantage

DAYA’s commitment to safety is evident in the thoughtful design of the Series I Slim Shower Tray. The stone resin surface is meticulously crafted to reduce the risk of slipping and falling, catering to the needs of older adults, individuals with mobility or balance concerns, and households with children. It’s not just a shower base; it’s a safety-enhancing element for your bathroom.

Sturdy and Durable

For shower base wholesale partners prioritizing reliability and longevity, DAYA’s Series I rectangular shower tray is a standout choice. Reinforced with a steel bar grid, this shower tray not only ensures sturdiness but also guarantees lasting quality.

Harmonious Design Choices

DAYA’s commitment to seamless design in modern bathrooms is epitomized by the Series I Slim Shower Tray. Offering an optional stainless steel drain cover that perfectly complements the tray’s color, this attention to detail allows shower base wholesale clients to curate a visually appealing and harmonious bathroom space. The tray’s composite material, featuring 93% resin and mineral fillers, not only ensures aesthetic appeal but also speaks to its longevity and safety, aligning seamlessly with the discerning tastes of shower base wholesale partners.


In conclusion, DAYA’s Series I Slim Shower Tray is more than just a functional addition to a bathroom; it’s a statement of safety, style, and durability. With a focus on non-slip features, reinforced structure, and customizable design elements, DAYA continues to set the standard for excellence in the shower tray industry.

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