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Customized Precision: Tsingke’s DNA Oligos for Tailored Research Needs

DNA oligos, essential in molecular biology, are short, single-stranded DNA molecules typically comprised of 20 to 30 base pairs. They serve pivotal roles in various molecular applications, including PCR amplification, gene cloning, sequencing, and gene expression analysis. Tsingke, a leader in DNA synthesis, offers cutting-edge custom DNA oligos synthesized with precision and reliability.

Unmatched Purity and Accuracy:

Tsingke’s custom DNA oligos stand out for their high purity levels and 100% sequence accuracy. Utilizing advanced synthesis technology, each oligo undergoes meticulous monitoring and stringent quality control measures. Tsingke ensures that every custom DNA oligo meets the highest standards of quality, providing researchers with reliable tools for their molecular biology experiments.

Catering to Diverse Research Needs:

Tsingke’s custom DNA oligos cater to a wide range of scientific research and R&D production needs across various sectors. From universities and research institutes to hospitals, government agencies, and pharmaceutical diagnostic companies, Tsingke’s DNA oligos play a vital role in advancing scientific knowledge and facilitating groundbreaking discoveries. By integrating synthetic raw materials, cutting-edge equipment, advanced technology, and top-notch services, Tsingke ensures a seamless industrial chain, delivering safe, reliable, and cost-effective custom DNA oligos tailored to meet the unique requirements of each research endeavor.


In conclusion, Tsingke stands as a trusted partner for researchers and institutions seeking precision and reliability in custom DNA oligos. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Tsingke empowers scientists to push the boundaries of molecular biology research. Explore Tsingke’s custom DNA oligo services today and experience the precision and reliability that drive scientific progress and innovation.

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