Broad Far: An Overview On A Company That Makes Heated Tobacco

Broad Far is a company that produces heated tobacco products. But what is heated tobacco? And why would someone consume it? Find out in this overview of Broad Far!

Broad Far History

Broad Far is a company that makes heated tobacco products. The company was founded in 2018, and it was an affiliate company of a publicly traded corporation situated in Hong Kong, and it sells heat tobacco sticks to major tobacco markets all over the world.

Broad Far’s Heated Tobacco Products

The company’s mission is to provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes that is of high quality. NUSO heated tobacco is one of the fruits of its years of efforts in research and development.

These products are inserted into electronic devices that heat the tobacco to a temperature that releases nicotine and flavor without burning the leaves, which produces an aerosol that is less harmful than smoke from traditional cigarettes.

Heated tobacco products offer a number of features, making them popular among smokers. Some of the features of heated tobacco products include the following:

  1. NUSO heated tobacco produces less waste than traditional cigarettes.
  2. NUSO heated tobacco does not require lighter fluid or matches, making them more convenient to use.
  3. NUSO heated tobacco produce less secondhand smoke than traditional cigarettes.
  4. NUSO heated tobacco is available in a variety of flavors.

But it should be noted that NUSO heated tobacco also has nicotine that can be addictive.

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