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The Safety and Convenience with EVERPRETTY Furniture’s Double Computer Table for Schools

When school leaders create a safe and compliant lab environment for students, they usually think most about product compliance. The renown school furniture supplier EVERPRETTY Furniture complies with international standards such as ISO, TUV, SGS and BV and has a commitment to quality and compliance. They offers a remarkable solution for computer lab furniture for schools with their Double Computer Table. Designed to prioritize safety and convenience, this table combines robust construction, versatile features, and customizable options.

Safety-Focused Construction for a Secure Learning Environment

EVERPRETTY Furniture’s Double Computer Table is built with safety in mind. The table surface is made of particle board with a melamine board finish, providing a smooth and resistant surface for students to work on. The edges are covered with a polypropylene (PP) plastic edge, ensuring safety by preventing accidental injuries. The table frame, featuring a sheet metal flipper surface with an epoxy powder-coated finish, adds sturdiness and stability to the structure, ensuring it can withstand daily use in a school environment.

Streamlined Packing for Easy Installation

To simplify the installation process, EVERPRETTY Furniture utilizes flat packing for their Double Computer Table. Wood and plastic components are carefully packed in cartons with bubble bags, ensuring protection during transportation and ease of unpacking. For metal components, they are wrapped in nylon fabric, providing an added layer of security. This streamlined packing method saves time and effort, allowing schools to set up their computer labs quickly and efficiently.


The Double Computer Table from EVERPRETTY Furniture is the perfect option for school computer lab furniture since it combines practical features, safety-focused construction, and sleek packaging. This table fosters productivity and collaboration in the classroom while guaranteeing a safe atmosphere thanks to its sturdy construction, adaptable design, and adjustable options. Select EVERPRETTY Furniture’s excellent and user-friendly Double Computer Table to improve the computer lab at your school.

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