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Powering the Seas: EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator Sets Sail for Reliability

EvoTec Power‘s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator sets a new standard in power generation for marine applications. With its advanced features and superior design, this alternator provides reliable and efficient power in demanding marine environments. This article will explore the key advantages and characteristics of EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator, emphasizing its suitability as a 200 kVA alternator.

Enhanced Protection for Marine Environments

Designed specifically for marine applications, EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator offers additional marine varnish to ensure moistureproof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging properties. This added protection safeguards the alternator against harsh marine conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. EvoTec Power prioritizes durability and longevity, providing a power solution that can withstand the rigors of marine operations.

Cutting-Edge Design and Versatility

The 200 kVA alternator boasts an impressive array of design patents, with 40 total and 3 patents solely focused on its appearance. EvoTec Power’s commitment to innovation is evident in the thoughtful design of this alternator. Furthermore, the standard SAE interface offers easy installation and strong versatility, allowing seamless integration into marine setups. The TCM288 Series Marine Alternator ensures convenience and adaptability for marine power requirements.

Flexibility and Protection

EvoTec Power’s 200 kVA alternator features a standard IP23 protection degree, providing reliable protection against dust and water ingress. This degree of protection ensures the alternator’s durability and longevity, even in challenging marine environments. Additionally, the alternator offers three optional excitation modes: self-excitation, auxiliary winding, and PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator), allowing users to choose the most suitable mode for their specific marine power needs.


EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator is a reliable and efficient power solution for marine applications. Its additional marine varnish guarantees moistureproof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging properties, ensuring optimal performance in demanding marine environments. The cutting-edge design, supported by numerous patents, showcases EvoTec Power’s commitment to innovation. The alternator’s standard SAE interface and IP23 protection degree offer ease of installation, versatility, and robust protection. The three optional excitation modes further enhance flexibility, catering to diverse marine power requirements. EvoTec Power’s 200 kVA alternator is a trusted choice for delivering consistent and reliable power in marine applications.

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