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How To Fix [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] Error ?

As the world is moving forward, so is technology, and communication is getting better than ever. One such way of communication is Microsoft outlook which makes it easier for you to send and receive emails. It also schedules your emails and keeps track of everything; it basically is a reliable business partner.

If you are a daily outlook user, you might have seen [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] error pop on your screen, which can annoy you a lot. That is why we will present a detailed guide that will tell you everything about [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] errors and how you can easily fix them in no time. So, let’s dig in.

How This [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81]Error Attacked Your Outlook?

There are several reasons for having a PII outlook error, and for this particular type of error, look at the following reasons one by one to know what your reason is.

Multiple Account Do No Good

If you are using multiple accounts on your computer or have multiple accounts opened in your outlook, this can cause the [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] error. It is one of the most well-known causes of this error, and people don’t really realize it sometimes that using more than one account can also cause this error.

Also, if you have logged out of your account on outlook but still haven’t cleared the cache, then clear it right away because outlook does not really function properly until your cache has information on the other account.

Installation Problems Again

It is yet another common reason for [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81]error because if you haven’t properly installed your outlook, it won’t perform to its fullest, and you might not want your outlook to lose its efficiency. Also, if your internet connection was unstable while installing outlook software, it can also cause potential problems and improper installation. It can result in an error that you certainly don’t want your outlook to have.

Get A New Version

Every software is getting updated time by time to maximize its efficiency and sales, and in the same way, the outlook also comes with different updates from time to time. If you haven’t updated your outlook, this can be a very strong reason for [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] error.

Also, do not forget always to get the newest version of your outlook even while downloading, as it increases efficiency and minimizes the chances of getting any types of system errors that can affect your workflow.

Fix Your Microsoft Outlook Error [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] In No Time

Fixing a software error all by yourself sounds quite big a deal, but you will be surprised at how easy and hassle-free it is to fix the Microsoft outlook [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] error.

1. Get A Good Connection

It is the easiest solution to the most common Microsoft outlook problem. The least you can do for your outlook is to get a good internet connection because if the operations of outlook are ever hindered due to the internet, it starts developing such errors.

Also, suppose your internet connection is unstable. In that case, you will not be able to install the outlook software or even the updates properly, and there will always be a recurring problem with your outlook, so get a good internet connection to solve most of your problems.

2. Uninstalling Always Works

For the majority of the people who are facing [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81]error, uninstalling the software really works to solve this issue. Once you uninstall it, wait for a while, and then install it again, and voila, you will have a perfectly efficient Microsoft outlook.

Also, make sure your internet connection is in mint condition if you are going for installation; otherwise, it will again inflict an error on your outlook by the grace of your internet connection.

3. Clear It All Out

Clearing your cache always helps in all the software-related problems, and it does help in this one too. First of all, log out of your outlook account, go to outlook options and clear the cache it has stored for over the years. Clean the cache and once it is all cleared out, hit the switch off button on your computer. Let your computer breathe for a while and then open it again, have fun with a perfectly functional and error-free Microsoft outlook. If the problem is still not solved, follow the next method.

4. Log Out Right Away

For a perfectly functional and efficient outlook, you mustn’t confuse it by using multiple accounts on it. So, if you encounter [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] error in your outlook, log out of all your accounts immediately.

Logging out would not be enough as outlook will have your data of multiple accounts in the cache, so as discussed above, clear your cache. For a better outlook experience, use a single account on it or clear the cache from time to time.

5. Auto Repair At Your Rescue

Auto repair is the best choice if any of the above methods are somehow not working to solve the error. It might sound a little tricky, but once you get to it, you will see that it is quite easy to fix the outlook by yourself.

  • Click on your control panel to get to the function setup.
  • Click on Microsoft 365 and turn it on.
  • You need to select Microsoft to proceed with the auto repair.
  • Now you need to select what type of fix you are looking for, for your Microsoft outlook.
  • Now, if you click on the fix icon, it will guide you about everything and take you to step by step to the solution of this problem.
  • Restart your Microsoft outlook once it is repaired and see if the problem continues or not.


I hope this comprehensive guide helped you in fixing your [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81] error. Make sure to get your computer checked by a professional if the outlook is being used for office purposes and multiple accounts are inevitable. If the problem lingers, there can be a bigger problem with your computer, so that is the right time to call a professional. Best of luck!

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