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Edan’s 12-Channel ECG: Precise Diagnosis and Enhanced Connectivity

In the realm of cardiac care, precise diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment. Introducing Edan‘s 12 channel ECG machine, a cutting-edge device designed to deliver accurate diagnostic outcomes. Let’s delve into the features that make Edan the preferred choice for healthcare professionals seeking precise and reliable cardiac diagnostics.

ST-view function for accurate diagnosis

Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine incorporates the innovative ST-View function, revolutionizing the diagnostic process. This unique feature enables healthcare professionals to visualize ST segment changes with exceptional clarity and precision. By providing an intuitive representation of these changes, Edan’s ST-View function facilitates accurate interpretation, allowing for prompt and accurate diagnosis of cardiac conditions. The enhanced visualization capabilities of this function greatly contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Powerful connectivity for seamless integration

Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine boasts powerful connectivity features that enhance efficiency and streamline workflows. The device allows direct access to hospital systems through HL7/DICOM integration, eliminating the need for third-party software. This seamless integration ensures smooth data transfer and facilitates real-time collaboration among healthcare professionals. With Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine, healthcare providers can easily access patient records, share diagnostic findings, and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, promoting comprehensive and coordinated care.


Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine stands at the forefront of precise cardiac diagnostics, offering a range of advantages to healthcare professionals. The incorporation of the ST-View function empowers clinicians to identify subtle ST segment changes accurately, leading to more precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. Moreover, the powerful connectivity features of the device enable seamless integration with hospital systems, fostering efficient data exchange and collaboration.

Choosing Edan’s 12-channel ECG machine ensures not only precise diagnosis but also enhanced connectivity, allowing healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care to their patients. By harnessing the advanced features of Edan’s device, healthcare providers can deliver accurate and timely diagnoses, leading to improved patient outcomes. Embrace the power of Edan and elevate your cardiac diagnostics to a new level of precision and efficiency.

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