Differences Between AEDs in Public Space and Hospital

A hospital defibrillator is a specialized manual external defibrillator (MED) used in hospitals to restore a patient’s normal heart rate. Also, the AED hospital product can be seen in a clinical agency. It is designed for trained medical personnel to detect different heart problems and treat them appropriately, as it requires the physician to assess how much shock energy should be delivered to the patient and to decide when and how often to administer a shock. This is what is defined as manual defibrillation.

As a professional AED manufacturer, today Mindray would like to introduce the difference between MED/AED hospital and AED.

AED: Designed for use by non-professionals.

Public AEDs are SCA rescue devices that can be accessed by anyone and are designed for non-medical personnel outside of hospitals. Some are equipped with voice prompts, picture instructions, and a buzzer to indicate when the user should administer an AED shock.

AED devices are usually mounted on the wall with a special AED box and placed in public places outside the hospital, such as airports, stations, office buildings, stadiums, etc., to provide the fastest response time for out-of-hospital SCA rescue. They are fundamentally different in appearance, operation, and function.

AED Hospital/MED:

Hospital defibrillators are more complex than public AEDs. The physician must first turn on the device and then switch to the correct treatment mode, as most manual external defibrillators are designed with several treatment modes. After that, it’s time to select the appropriate energy level for the clinical situation, press the charge button, and then press the shock button to deliver the shock.

Even in words, the whole process is not easy, especially for those who have never received any professional training before. And it also requires a specific assessment of the amount of current needed, depending on the patient’s condition. This is close to impossible for individuals who have not received any professional training.

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