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Creating A Communication Link Between Pharmaceutical Companies and A High-Level Trade Platform: Pharma Sources

China’s continuous opening policy and the Belt and Road Initiative are attracting more and more overseas eyes to the Chinese market. Pharma sources, a high-level platform for active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers that integrates trade, exhibition, and industry discussions, offers more space for Chinese companies to connect with companies from other countries and expand international cooperation. Come and see them in detail.

Outstanding internationalization level

Pharma sources are the industry benchmark and the number of companies online and internationalized is increasing day by day. pharma sources have more than 140 countries and regions with 25,000+ overseas users. Pharma sources have also created a series of high-quality buyers’ sourcing events with domestic and overseas media, associations, and other partners. Such a platform will promote the economic benefits of pharmaceutical companies.

Comprehensive online platform for pharmaceutical companies to communicate, exhibit, and trade

Pharma sources are not only a trading platform for exhibition purposes but also a platform for the pharmaceutical industry to create nearly 100 high-end communication events online by integrating resources from all parties and taking advantage of the advantages of many years of experience in the industry. Pharma sources’ communication platform will continue to follow the concept of 6 main lines, including “Leadership”, “Business negotiation and expansion”, “Networking”, “Recognition”, “Knowledge” and “Innovation”.

Visit the official site of Pharma sources for detailed information.

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