Country Garden Group’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

As the world putting more and more emphasises on ecology, I bet you have heard about Forest City, an enterprise of Country Garden Pacific view Sdn Bhd. As one of the leading property developers in China, Country Garden Group has established itself as a company that is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. Through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, the company has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental protection, poverty alleviation, and other key issues that affect communities around the world.

Country Garden’s corporate social responsibility initiatives

At the heart of Country Garden’s corporate social responsibility strategy is a commitment to creating sustainable developments that not only meet the needs of customers and investors but also contribute to the broader community. This approach is rooted in the company’s values, which emphasize the importance of balancing economic growth with social and environmental responsibility.

One of the ways that Country Garden demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is through its environmental protection initiatives. The company recognizes that the real estate industry has a significant impact on the environment, and it has taken steps to minimize this impact by implementing green building standards and promoting energy efficiency in its developments. In addition, Country Garden has launched various programs to protect natural resources and biodiversity, including reforestation projects and water conservation efforts.

Forest City

Country Garden is a developer that has made significant efforts to promote urban civilization not just in China but globally as well. One of its notable projects is the 2,000-hectare Forest City in Malaysia’s Iskandar Development Region that is adjacent to Singapore. This city places substantial emphasis on sustainable development and integrates various aspects such as business, finance, tourism, culture and entertainment. The project serves as an example for future cities in terms of green and ecological construction and smart city development. It has received recognition from the United Nations by winning the “Global Human Settlement Planning and Design” award and being invited to attend the United Nations Climate Conference. Country Garden is also implementing community construction practices and concepts in other countries like Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. With its success in Forest City’s development and operation model, Country Garden is gaining a strong position globally while promoting urban civilization and sustainable development.


In conclusion, Country Garden Group’s corporate social responsibility initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating sustainable, responsible developments that benefit both customers and the broader community. Its Forest City project in Malaysia is a prime example of how a city can be built with a focus on ecological and green construction while integrating various aspects of business, finance, tourism, culture, and entertainment. As the world continues to face challenges such as climate change, Country Garden’s approach to urban development serves as a model for future cities that prioritize sustainability and community building.

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