Characteristics of Air to Water Heat Pump System

Air to water heat pumps have a number of features that are perfect for the modern, energy-conscious family. In this blog article, you’ll find out what these features entail and find out if an air to water heat pump is right for your home!


The climate environment that the European region primarily belongs to has scorching summers and very cold winters. Due to its climatic qualities, buildings must supply heating in the winter and cooling in the summer to ensure that people are comfortable. The Poolworld air source heat pump is the perfect source of both cold and heat because it has the ability to chill in the summer and heat in the winter. Through the analysis of climatic characteristics and the current state of the building thermal environment in the hot summer and cold winter regions, this blog primarily analyzes the operating characteristics of the Poolworld air to water heat pump system.

Characteristics of the Poolworld’s air to water heat pump

Its operating temperature range is wide: 25°C to 40°C in the summer and -30°C to 43°C in the winter. Underrated working conditions, the cooling coefficient reaches a COP value of 4.9 in the summer and, if defrosting loss is not taken into account, the heating coefficient is also close to 4.4 in both seasons. Since air source heat pumps can use the air that is always present as a heat source, they can be installed and used everywhere, making them the most popular heat pump technology both domestically and internationally. At the same time, the air source heat pump unit spares the refrigerating machine rooms and boiler rooms from construction and does away with auxiliary equipment like boilers and cold water towers. It is especially suitable for buildings in prosperous urban areas or buildings with unconditional boiler rooms.


With a worldwide perspective and an eye toward the future, Poolworld, a top air to water heat pump manufacturer in China, is firmly committed to the air to water heat pump industry. In addition to doing everything we can to save energy and lower emissions, we’re dedicated to keeping countless families warm throughout the world. If you want to understand more about our heat pump, please visit our website at

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