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Acoustic Wave Therapy Machines Are The Answer To Tightening And Sculpting

Acoustic wave therapy machines are commercialized in the market and marketed as a new approach to body contouring. It is a new generation of “non-invasive” ways to help tighten, shape, and massage scars.

What Does It Do?

Acoustic Wave Therapy machines can improve skin texture and elasticity, contour the body, firm tissue, smooth scars, and eradicate cellulite. By stimulating circulation in all layers of the skin, blood vessels, connective tissue, and muscles, this acoustic wave treatment system mixes acoustic sound waves with the body’s natural ability to repair tissue.

Recommendation——GZ Longest LGT-2500F

-Components of High Quality

Silent compressor: a built-in KNF air compressor ensures silent and comfortable therapy sessions.

Smooth switch and precise parameter adjustment with the rotary knob (in steps of 0.1 bar)

Skilled accessories: high-quality bullets and metal pipes, allowing the device to deliver 2 million shocks.

Several transmitters: Radial, Acupuncture, Deep, and Focus ballistic pneumatic transmitters are available in various sizes.

-Handpiece Ergonomic

Comfort: an ergonomic grip and the removal of backward shocks provide the most pleasant experience on the market.

Safety: the handpiece’s safety switch button is activated, and the interface’s operating state is locked, thereby preventing misoperation.

Convenience: The removable handpiece makes daily cleaning and maintenance easier.

-Image Guidance for User-Defined Protocols

Image guidance: huge human body images used to visualize therapy

User-defined protocols: enable protocol configuration, parameter tweaking, and setting renaming.

-Multiple USB Functions

History download: PDF output from user files supported, device storage of up to 5,000 documents

Software upgrade: limitless software upgrades via USB disk

-Visualization Therapy

10.4’’ color touch screen, stylish fold design

All sessions in one place: user files, including therapeutic history

If you are interested in our products and have any questions, please contact GZ Longest.

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