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Energy Efficiency and Smart Control in Domestic Heat Pumps

Shenling sets a new standard for domestic heat pumps with their R290 Air Source Heat Pump. With an impressive A+++ energy class, smart control features, and eco-friendly R290 refrigerant, Shenling’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental consciousness shines through. Experience a sustainable and modern future with Shenling’s innovative domestic heat pump solutions.

Unraveling Shenling’s Commitment to Energy Class A+++

Shenling’s dedication to energy efficiency takes center stage with the introduction of the R290 Air Source Heat Pump boasting an impressive A+++ energy class. This commitment aligns with Shenling’s mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for domestic heating, setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry.

Smart Living with Innovative Features

Explore the realm of modern living with Shenling’s R290 Air Source Heat Pump, equipped with advanced features like wifi smart control and seamless smart grid integration. Uncover how these technological advancements enhance user convenience and control, changing the way households experience heating solutions.

Environmental Consciousness with R290 Refrigerant

Delve into the environmental benefits of Shenling’s R290 Air Source Heat Pump, featuring the eco-friendly R290 refrigerant. Widely regarded as the most environmentally friendly source, R290 reflects Shenling’s commitment to sustainability. This section analyzes how Shenling’s conscious design choices contribute to the overall eco-friendliness of domestic heating solutions.


In the world of domestic heat pumps, Shenling’s R290 Air Source Heat Pump stands as a beacon of energy efficiency, smart living, and environmental consciousness. From the remarkable A+++ energy class to innovative features and eco-friendly refrigerants, Shenling redefines the landscape of domestic heating solutions for a sustainable and modern future.

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