14 Binaries has partnered with many e-cigarette dealers

Binaries is a relatively new company that makes premium e-cigarette and vape supplies. But they have grown rapidly, with their high-quality wholesale vape supplies being able to work with many dealers across the country to distribute their Binaries vape products.

Binaries offers a wide range of vaping products

Binaries provides various flavors of electronic cigarette products. The same series of electronic cigarette products can have many flavor choices, such as mint flavor, fruit flavor, etc. Their fruit-flavored e-liquid is made from fruit juice extract. Their menthol e-liquid contains cold peppermint extract to cool the throat. This is very practical and considerate for users who want to get an e-cigarette at a dealer that can switch between different flavors.

Binaries implements a professional e-cigarette wholesale supply program

Binaries cooperates with several e-cigarette distributors to provide our partners with professional e-cigarette wholesale supply solutions. We have a variety of flavors and nicotine levels to order.

In addition, large-scale orders may also receive substantial discounts, which enhances the cooperation experience of dealers. Finally, we also offer a 24/7 consulting service to partners who have any questions about our products or services.

Electronic cigarette spare parts

Binaries’ electronic cigarettes are complete in structure, including cartridges, modules, batteries, and chargers. Their pods come in a variety of models for those who want to enjoy high nicotine levels or those who want extra space without frequent refills. Their mods also come in several different styles, including single or dual battery mod setups as well as variable power mods. Finally, their batteries come in a few different sizes, ranging from 2 to 20. In wholesale orders, dealers can choose the type of goods to be purchased according to the needs of local people.


The professional service of Binaries makes it a reliable partner for dealers, thus establishing long-term cooperative relationships with many dealers.

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